For vehicle manufacturers, Bosch offers the Automotive Device Driver Library, a fully managed cloud service that enables development teams to obtain the necessary device driver software for sensors and actuators in the form of modules and to configure it as necessary, all via a web platform. To adapt the device drivers to the respective requirements, functions can be added or changed flexibly.

All device drivers in the Automotive Device Driver Library are available for the majority of sensors and actuators on the market. As a result, it is far easier to integrate hardware from different manufacturers. This significantly reduces the effort and costs involved in purchasing and developing software, allowing the vehicle manufacturer to focus more on developing those aspects in the software that make it stand out.

Bosch´s device driver software has been in series production for decades. With the Automotive Device Driver Library, this software is now immediately available at the touch of a button and is compliant with the AUTOSAR industry standard (4.2 and higher).



of device drivers via a web platform



cost saving across all vehicle production volumes



when it comes to adding or changing functions


quality standards

that have been tried and tested millions of times