Bosch delivers next-generation lamella stacks for high-performance electric motors. Lamella stacks are thin steel sheets coated with an insulating layer, which are stacked together and used in electric motors and generators to guide the magnetic fields. They form the heart of the electric motor and consist of a stator and rotor.

Bosch e-stacks are cost-competitive stacks with a high power density and efficiency. The lamella stacks are produced in an innovative way, wherein Bosch has made modifications to the production processes, their sequence, and the material treatment. This new way of manufacturing lamella stacks creates opportunities for product and material features that are not achievable through conventional production methods.

Low power loss

through developments such as gluing and annealing at desired lamella thickness

Design flexibility

New production technologies give more design freedom in product and material features


Cost reduction in electric motor through improved lamella stack and material features

Full-service provider

Support and service with Bosch as a development partner at the product level for total system optimization