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Connected services: Bosch connects automotive know-how with the internet

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Connected mobility is no longer science fiction but reality. As soon as 2020, an estimated 250 million vehicles worldwide will be connected, i.e. constantly exchanging data between the cloud and their surroundings. The trend toward connectivity is one of the driving forces for the rapid transformation of the automotive and mobility sectors. It is accompanied by a wide range of new and innovative services which make mobility safer, more comfortable and more efficient than before.

For this reason, Bosch is intensively driving the development of connected services – with solutions for passenger cars and two-wheelers as well as for trucks and off-highway vehicles. Together with other providers in the mobility sector such as in the areas of rail transportation, car sharing or parking space management, Bosch is connecting these services to form complete business ecosystems. In this process, Bosch combines its IT competence with extensive automotive know-how, an in-depth understanding of vehicle data, and long-term experience with mobility services.

comfortable, efficient, and flexible

use of vehicles

savings in time and improved planning of everyday mobility

for example through simplification and support in finding parking spaces

inspiring driving experience

thanks to navigation, streaming services, and smartphone integration


safety, driving fun, and comfort

with optimized vehicle functions via mobile updates

More efficiency and profitability with the connected commercial vehicle

Digital vehicle keys for more flexibility and security Finding and reserving parking spaces more easily
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Digital vehicle keys for more flexibility and security

Support during demanding everyday working lives: fleet managers handle the utilization rights for digital keys flexibly from their desk. The truck unlocks as the driver approaches with the smartphone and can be started without a key.

Finding and reserving parking spaces more easily

No more searching for an empty and safe truck parking space. The connected parking infrastructure makes it possible for drivers and fleet managers to reserve parking spaces in advance, making it easier for them to plan and adhere to routes and rest times.

safe and faster

logistics through support in finding a parking space

increased vehicle availability

due to avoidance of unplanned vehicle downtimes thanks to optimized service intervals

optimized total cost of ownership

through improved energy efficiency

safe key management

permits the use of digital keys on smartphones

Vehicle and services as part of comprehensive business ecosystems

Vehicle and services as part of comprehensive business ecosystems

Technology and connected services from Bosch make the vehicle both a sender and receiver of data in the internet of things. It maintains regular exchanges of data and information with the cloud, other vehicles, the traffic infrastructure, repair shops, and providers in the mobility sector. Such increased connectivity gives rise to a growing potential for new offers and business models concerning the future of mobility. Over time, these will merge to form a growing business ecosystem of mobility in which suppliers and their service portfolios are linked.

For users, this will provide convenient access to a variety of mobility offers for everyday requirements. For providers, cooperating with partners offers the opportunity to expand their customer base. Bosch supports this development with a wide range of inspiring services, safe and secure connectivity solutions, and the corresponding sensor technology. In the process, Bosch offers automotive and IT know-how from a single source as well as an automotive-specific cloud solution which is adapted to the requirements of the internet of things and the various services.

Advantages of connected services for business clients

Safe and comfortable

  • Compliance with statutory specifications
  • Secure access to vehicle data for data analyses
  • Cloud services can be integrated

Efficient and profitable

  • Potential for new business models
  • Improved customer and brand loyalty
  • Proactive generation of customer leads
  • Optimization of vehicle utilization as well as service and maintenance processes

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