With automated valet parking, Bosch has developed the world’s first automated, driverless parking function (SAE Level 4) to receive official approval for operation in Germany.

It saves drivers not only the frustration of searching for a parking space, but also the actual process of parking in the parking garage. All the driver needs to do is stop the vehicle at a drop-off area and the smart Bosch infrastructure installed in the parking garage takes over. It interacts with the technology in the vehicle to drive it to a vacant space and park. The system provides customers with a convenient, attractive parking experience and enables parking facility operators to optimally deploy their parking capacities as well as offer a range of new services. But that is not all. Automated valet parking is also used in other areas, such as automotive production, and provides numerous benefits.


Considerably more efficient use of parking capacities – up to 20 percent better usage of available space


New business models and software-based services for vehicle manufacturers and parking facility operators


Gone is the frustration of maneuvering in tight parking areas; the vehicle can be automatically charged or washed during the parking time


Modular, scalable concept for any application, all participating partners benefit from