Bosch has developed automated valet parking, the world’s first highly automated driverless (SAE Level 4) parking function to be given official approval for commercial use in Germany. It not only takes the hassle out of searching for a parking spot but also handles the actual task of parking the car in the parking garage. All the driver needs to do is stop the vehicle in the designated drop-off area and get out. The smart Bosch infrastructure installed in the parking garage then takes over and interacts with the technology in the vehicle to drive it to the vacant space and park it. The system therefore provides customers with an innovative and attractive parking experience and also enables parking facility operators to optimally deploy their parking capacities as well as offer a range of new services.


No more hassle with parking maneuvers, and the parking time can be used for washing or charging the car


No more time lost looking for a parking spot, and significantly more space for vehicles on the same area