With vehicle dynamics control 2.0, Bosch is tapping into the full potential of actuators of different vehicle domains and its extensive, long-standing expertise to bring vehicle dynamics to the next level. Bosch is thus delivering an extraordinary driving experience in everything from compact to premium cars and light commercial vehicles – be it in manual, assisted, or automated driving mode. Vehicle dynamics control 2.0 serves as the core control system for the latest generations of the electronic stability program ESP® and the integrated power brake.

Vehicle dynamics control 2.0 incorporates an innovative smart control concept, which allows the function to “think ahead”. Based on the information from vehicle dynamics sensors, it anticipates the vehicle behavior and intervenes proactively – acting instead of reacting. As a result, drivers benefit from a natural driving experience characterized by excellent safety, agility, and comfort, all the while maintaining full control of the vehicle. The integrated control concept enables straightforward integration of various actuators for vehicle dynamics control, such as braking, chassis, steering, and powertrain systems.


driving experience

with excellent safety, agility, and comfort

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from different vehicle domains