Bosch performance: top technology for top performance

From the most demanding racing series to a full-fledged road-going sports car – to lead the pack, you require the right solutions with maximum demands on safety and performance.

For more than a century and with expertise, passion and an ambition to always compete in the top league, Bosch has decisively helped to shape vehicle development with its comprehensive system know-how. Whether greater safety on each bend or on the winners’ podium with a new lap record: clever and innovative technology from Bosch aims to improve the performance of sports and racing cars in every respect, for maximum safety and a thrilling driving experience.

While performance may mean something different to each driver, the goal pursued by Bosch remains the same: to not only meet the expectations in each area but to exceed them with maximum performance.

Bosch performance: top technology for top performance

Fun to drive: personalized

Vehicle characteristics can be designed for specific manufacturers and vehicles, and adapted to comply with personal preferences.

The vehicle: controlled

Tight bends, passing maneuvers, lane changes – a safe driving feeling in any situation.

The know-how: excellent

Customized hardware and software solutions for the entire vehicle offer maximum driving fun – while guaranteeing safety and stability at the same time.

“The ability to control and rely on a vehicle at its physical limits is what we regard as absolute performance.”
Dr. Lars König, Chief Expert Control Theory and Vehicle Motion

Dr. Lars König, Chief Expert Control Theory and Vehicle Motion

“Once a driver has understood how the sports car reacts, he becomes more confident. The sports car becomes a part of him.”

Lars König knows exactly what is important when it comes to the ultimate driving experience. “For us, performance not only means this one absolutely top time, we want controllability. A sports car must always feel safe and reliable. The driver must not be taken by surprise.” This principle is also reflected in the latest technical development.

In recent years, vehicle dynamics have been significantly improved by predictive and integrative systems, and safety continuously optimized. This is where Lars König envisages the continued development path for sports cars: “For the future generation of sports cars, the aim is to improve all systems in such a way that a vehicle is no longer able to come off the road.”

With the safety-optimized and individualized solutions from Bosch, driving fun will definitely not fall by the wayside in the future.

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“Performance in motorsports means one thing above all else: top performance in every situation.”
Dr. Klaus Böttcher, Director Bosch Motorsport

Dr. Klaus Böttcher, Director Bosch Motorsport

From the roaring classic racing series to the relatively low-noise Formula E: motorsports have undergone major changes over many years. Klaus Böttcher has witnessed many of these innovations which he summarizes as follows: “Developments in motorsports are also always driven by those things that interest consumers.”
One thing, however, has remained the same over the years: the demand for performance.

“When we think of motorsports, we usually think of high performance and high speeds. But performance also has to do with the right timing – which means making the right solution available to our customers at the right time.”

With these products and solutions, Bosch has been at the forefront of vehicle development in motorsports for many years.

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