In 1951, Bosch launched gasoline direct injection and has been the technology's trailblazer ever since. As a result of increasing motorized mobility worldwide, coupled with the desire for lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions, gasoline direct injection is still regarded as an important technology of major potential. The proportion of vehicles with gasoline direct injection is set to increase further in future.

The Bosch gasoline direct injection portfolio includes the functional areas of fuel supply, fuel injection, air management, ignition, engine management and exhaust-gas treatment. Bosch also offers system solutions in order to make valuable contributions to meet exhaust and emissions targets such as EU6d, e.g. through downsizing and CVO (controlled valve operation).


reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions at the same power output due to downsizing and turbocharging

flexible in use

for various system pressures up to 350 bar


improved responsiveness and more dynamic handling due to an increase in torque at low engine speeds (high low-end torque)