Software-defined mobility

Let's advance to a software-defined mobility.

Mobility is transforming. We are entering a software-defined era characterized by a variety of user-centered services – an era in which vehicles are connected to mobility ecosystems. Let’s shape this new era together!

The future of mobility: software-defined, service-oriented, and user-centered

In the future, what is expected of mobility will go far beyond classic vehicle functions. Users are seeking an abundance of easily accessible, exciting mobility services, similar to the seamless digital services they are used to from their smartphones. These increasing demands present new challenges, and these require the automotive industry to fundamentally reinvent itself. An era of software-defined mobility (SDM) is dawning, at the heart of which is a user-centered integration of the vehicle with the surrounding ecosystems, such as parking and charging.

The focus is on functions that enable users to search for an available parking space and access personalized services outside of the vehicle at the touch of a button. Find out more about how you can tap into this evolving potential to set up new value chains through software platforms, smart data analysis, and innovative business models. With our portfolio, we support our customers in successfully bringing together the two essential pillars – the software-defined vehicle and cloud-based services.

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Software platforms


New business models

The core elements of software-defined mobility

Efficient platforms for software development are vital to creating new services in the automotive industry. Technology platforms provide a uniform basis for application software development independent of hardware and infrastructure. Domain-specific software platforms enable tailor-made solutions for areas such as ADAS, Motion, and Energy. The combination of both types of platforms allows companies to develop innovative solutions and services that can be integrated seamlessly into the changing mobility landscape and improve the driving experience. In doing this, they can respond dynamically to changing requirements and create new added value beyond the vehicle.

Data play an essential role in the transition to software-defined mobility. In both passenger and commercial traffic, vehicles have become complex producers of data. This wealth of information about the entire vehicle life cycle allows better products, shorter development times, and additional data-driven services to be generated.

Just like with smartphones, software is becoming an ever more important differentiating factor for the automotive industry. It is the source for premium services that can make the mobility experience more attractive. For vehicle manufacturers, mobility service providers, and logistics service providers alike, this opens the door to new opportunities for value creation over the entire life cycle of a vehicle with digitally supported services.

How Bosch is supporting software-defined mobility

Supporting software-defined mobility

Bosch's renowned strengths and quality are being transformed into new solutions that enable software-defined mobility.

Bosch is actively driving the transformation toward software-defined mobility. Our holistic approach includes developing software-defined vehicles and cloud-based services. The solutions we offer enable a modular software architecture that simplifies the separation of hardware and software. This flexibility allows functions to be continuously expanded and adapted. With our many years of expertise in the industry and our focus on open standards and open-source solutions, we promote innovation and collaboration. We offer comprehensive tools and frameworks to speed up the development process. Our global partnerships and presence enable us to create connected solutions throughout the industry. From idea to deployment, Bosch is a trusted companion for our partners on the path to software-defined mobility.

Vehicle motion management

Use case: vehicle motion management

With vehicle motion management, Bosch has created a software system solution that brings together the previously independent control strategies for vehicle guidance and vehicle dynamics and taps into the system potential of the actuators in the brakes, steering, powertrain, and chassis. However, it is actually much more than that. Vehicle motion management opens up a whole new ecosystem that also includes new approaches to development, collaboration, and business between Bosch and its customers and creates new business models.

Software-defined vehicle

Software-defined vehicle

The software-defined vehicle places the focus on separating software from hardware. The vehicle’s behavior and functionality are determined to a large degree by its software. New features can be introduced and existing functions can be improved using over-the-air software updates, similarly to a smartphone.

To continue to meet these demands, Bosch is developing a vehicle-centralized, zone-oriented E/E architecture, which is based on just a few very powerful cross-domain vehicle computers.

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Software-defined vehicle solution highlights

Platform for innovations – the connected vehicle

Platform for innovations

Bosch supports the development of innovative business models with a variety of services and secure connectivity solutions.

The E/E architecture of the future

The E/E architecture of the future

Bosch is developing new electrical/electronic (E/E) architectures that ensure that the complexity of future vehicle systems stays manageable.

Software updates and cybersecurity

Software updates and cybersecurity

When developing functions and updates, Bosch uses its wide-ranging expertise to defend against potential cyberthreats.

Cloud-based services

Cloud-based services

Cloud-based software and customer-oriented services are of crucial importance in the context of software-defined mobility. They ensure customized solutions beyond the vehicle, improve the user experience, and thus strengthen customer loyalty.

This allows fleet operators, mobility service providers, and companies from the logistics industry to achieve significant increases in efficiency. Bosch already offers a wide range of services that successfully make these advantages a reality and supports its customers in developing their own ideas.

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Cloud-based services solution highlights

Convenience charging – charging becomes an experience

Convenience charging – charging becomes an experience

With its connected charging solutions, Bosch is making charging electric vehicles more convenient and more efficient.

Connected map services

Connected map services

Connected map services improve the natural and predictive driving behavior of driver assistance systems.

Perfectly keyless

Perfectly keyless – wireless localization and secure key management

The digital vehicle access system replaces the analog key with a smartphone and provides convenience and flexibility.

Why Bosch is a strong partner for software-defined mobility

From concept to operation

Three people standing around a high table working together on a laptop.

From the development of powerful software platforms to the provision of data-driven services and development of vehicle functions, our broad service portfolio covers all aspects of software-defined mobility. With Bosch as a partner, manufacturers and service providers alike benefit from our comprehensive support.

Comprehensive industry knowledge

A person sitting in a modern vehicle interior equipped with touchscreens.

Bosch has wide-ranging expertise across the entire vehicle life cycle and customer journey. From the concept, design, and development phases all the way to operation, our knowledge encompasses the entire stack of semiconductors to system and software functions to digital services, and customer-specific solutions.

This expertise allows us to create groundbreaking solutions for software-defined mobility.

Close partnership and open-source solutions

A person wearing 3D glasses sits in a vehicle test structure.

Through strong partnership and an open-source mindset, Bosch promotes dynamic collaboration in every respect. This approach accelerates development, encourages highly efficient cooperation, and enables software solutions to be created that meet the changing requirements of the mobility industry.

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