Connected charging services from Bosch ensure drivers have a way of charging their electric vehicle during their journey that is as flexible, straightforward, and convenient as possible. Adaptable solutions from Bosch enable vehicle manufacturers, mobility providers, and businesses to offer their customers and employees services that are tailored to their specific needs.

Clever Tanken (“smart refueling”) has integrated Bosch charging services in the free-of-charge Clever Tanken smartphone app since 2019. Access to the Bosch services is provided through straightforward integration of cloud interfaces in the native Clever Tanken app. Drivers of electric vehicles can use the app with its integrated Clever Laden (“smart charging”) section to find and compare more than 165,000 charging points in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This is made possible thanks to the extensive, ever-growing network of charging stations from Bosch. If users additionally register with Bosch, they also have the option to control and pay for charging sessions via the app.

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