E-mobility is on the rise. The number of electric vehicles is increasing, offering smooth and sustainable mobility. However, e-mobility is still facing challenges when it comes to some requirements and applications. Whether it is (light) duty vehicles driving up steep roads, sports cars demanding high top speeds, or a trailer or caravan needing to be towed. Here, a continuously variable transmission (CVT) can provide the solution.

With the continuously variable transmission with pushbelt for electric vehicles (CVT4EV), Bosch introduces a compact multispeed transmission concept designed for applications in electric vehicles which can help meet performance requirements for a wider audience. It provides economy and performance benefits in electric powertrains, while the smooth driving behavior is maintained.



enables faster acceleration (+13% from 80-120 km/h), higher top speed and improved hill-climbing capacity.


energy consumption

for reduced costs or extended driving range



The CVT4EV provides a single-platform solution which is suitable for a range of applications.


user experience

through multiple driving modes and continued stepless shifting for high comfort