Around the world, air quality is playing an increasingly important role in people’s quality of life. Bosch’s motto “Invented for life” also involves an extensive commitment to improving air quality. In addition to Bosch’s own goal of achieving CO2 neutrality in 2020, Bosch is making an even greater contribution to the sustainable, eco-friendly mobility of tomorrow with additional solutions for locally zero-emission driving from the Mobility Solutions business sector (BBM).

The Bosch air quality portfolio is focused on providing data to assess and improve air quality and identify the emission sources in a broad scale. Our working expertise focus ranges from determining microscopic traffic emissions , modeling the dispersion of air quality, as well as to additional cloud-based services for data acquisition and device management for air quality measurement boxes by Palas. We use digital technologies to link these different areas of air quality expertise and offer a comprehensive view of the eco-system.



enables integration into existing systems



for sustainable response

Data available

in real time




up to the size of the entire city