The airbag control unit is flexible and scalable with respect to the number of firing loops and sensor interfaces for peripheral crash sensors. The airbag control unit can trigger up to 32 firing loops and control 12 PSI5 sensor interfaces. There is also the option in the premium segment to expand the control units to trigger up to 48 firing loops and control up to 18 sensor interfaces.



The occupant protection system based on the airbag control unit keeps the accelerations and forces acting on occupants in the event of an accident as low as possible.

up to


lives saved worldwide thanks to Bosch airbag control unit since its market launch*.

*WHO Global Status Report in Road Safety 2009, 2013, 2015, 2018; NHTSA: Lives Saved by Vehicle Safety Technologies and Associated Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, 1960 to 2012


severity of injury

The appropriate activation of restraint mechanisms in the vehicle by the airbag control unit offers the best possible protection for vehicle occupants.


250 million

of Bosch airbag control units produced worldwide