The dedicated hybrid continuously variable transmission (DH-CVT) with Bosch pushbelt is a hybrid configuration excelling in efficiency and performance.

Driving DH-CVT means excellent performance and comfort. A smooth drive-off is ensured even with an empty battery. The vehicle displays a good launch performance and achieves maximum grade ability. Additional: DH-CVT realize optimized fuel consumption under all driving conditions.
The tight packaging of the DH-CVT reduces the costs of the entire powertrain. The combination of the electric motor and planetary gear set enables a compact variator with a ratio coverage of four and a torque capacity of 250 Nm. Combined with the high performance pushbelt, the variator enables high efficiency and a power dense design. Such a compact variator and the electro-hydraulic actuation also represent an efficient solution for fully-electric powertrains.

33 %

gradeability even with maximum load and empty battery

dedicated solution

for hybrid vehicles

high performance

enables top speed up to 200 km/h

compact variator

and electrohydraulic actuation offer an efficient solution, also for electric vehicles.