Connected services not only make mobility safer, more reliable, and convenient for their users, but they also offer significant growth and business opportunities for manufacturers and providers. With its functions for connected services infrastructure, Bosch provides the technical basis for data-based powertrain services, supplemented with comprehensive domain knowledge and expertise in the areas of software, IT, and digital services.

With Bosch’s cloud-based solutions, vehicle manufacturers and service providers gain access to the world of data-based services, in which detailed data from ECUs and E/E architectures is made available for analysis and monitoring purposes at any location. What is more, these functions can be utilized across the entire vehicle life cycle (pre- and post-SOP) – regardless of the vehicle class, segment, or powertrain type.

New and expanded

business models

based on real vehicle data with a high level of detail


innovation cycles

thanks to flexible data exchange between the vehicle and cloud backend


domain knowledge

in the area of powertrain systems along with software, IT, and service expertise


connectivity solution

for flexible integration in existing service ecosystems