Microsleep, distraction, an unfastened seat belt – what happens inside the vehicle can have far-reaching consequences. The interior sensing solutions from Bosch increase safety for all vehicle occupants. Using innovative sensor systems for the vehicle interior, critical situations such as distraction and drowsiness are detected at an early stage and the driver is warned accordingly. Passive safety systems are further enhanced using information acquired from the vehicle interior. In addition to safety-relevant functions, the system also enables numerous comfort and convenience functions, such as user identification and video streaming. When it comes to automated driving, interior sensing is an important requirement for determining the driver's ability to take over control of the vehicle.



due to early detection of critical situations

Complies with

legal regulations

and NCAP requirements



due to automatic personalization of the comfort, and safety settings

Enabler for

automated driving

due to detection of the driver's ability to take over control of the vehicle