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Moved. By choice. - It’s all a question of personality

There is one thing that defines mobility nowadays more strongly than anything else:
our ability to pick and choose. Especially in urban environments, we – as mobility users – ask ourselves: why limit ourselves and tie ourselves down when flexibility is what we can have instead? We want to be free to choose whenever and as often as we like – it ensures we can stay true to ourselves, our principles, and our ideals. What we eat, where we live, and how we want to work are all aspects of our lives where we already make the decisions. And it is this sense of freedom that is now also intrinsic to a new, independent kind of mobility. Bosch is an enabler of this mobility – making it personalized, comfortable, convenient, safe, and secure. It is the kind of mobility that caters to people’s desire for flexibility and enables them to get to where they want to go in the way that suits them best. Every single day.

Mobility as a service.

Today, the choice is ours.

How do I want to get from A to B? As fast as possible? As economically as possible? Or is it more important to me that my route is as green as possible and my means of transportation is kinder to the environment? Personalized mobility offers many possibilities – and brings with it many questions.

After all, if you are free to choose, you want one thing above all: to know you have made the right choice! That is why Bosch asks the questions that matter when developing mobility solutions – solutions that precisely meet the requirements and personal expectations of the people who will be using them.

SmartphoneHub –
the connected biking solution


Navigation, weather information, music, odometer – all keywords most people probably immediately associate with cars. But Bosch is taking the association one step further with its SmartphoneHub for e-bikes. The connected biking system uses the rider’s smartphone and the COBI.Bike app to turn the SmartphoneHub into a smart control center. Once connected to the e-bike, it provides access to weather and ride-related information and enables the rider to control the navigation functions, lights, safety systems, and many other aspects that make every ride a fascinating experience.

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Convenience charging –
navigation and charging solution for electric vehicles

Smartphone with Convenience Charging app

Electric vehicles have become an established means of transportation on our roads. They are fast, environmentally friendly, and quiet. But can the time required for charging the vehicles be used more intelligently in future, so the process becomes more convenient for users? Bosch convenience charging provides the answer and turns charging time into leisure time. The smart system shows the user exactly how much range is left, where the next charging station is located, and which shopping and leisure facilities in the vicinity match the user’s personal preferences.

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