Smart driver assistance systems

Let’s take driver assistance to the next level.

With its innovative driver assistance systems, Bosch is paving the way to a new era of mobility. And many of the technologies that will shape automated driving are ready for drivers to experience today.

Smart driver assistance systems

From climate change and greater road safety to the lack of time and space, the challenges of mobility will not solve themselves. Self-driving vehicles can make a key contribution to the solution. The development and acceptance of automated mobility depend above all on two factors: reliable technical solutions and people’s trust.

Bosch is working equally hard on both these factors to put automated vehicles on the roads that meet the highest requirements and make drivers feel like they are always in safe hands.

Expert talk IAA: from hard­ware to software and services – your modular full-range solutions for ADAS.

Jerome Rigobert, Vice President Product Management ADAS

“Automated driving is one of the greatest challenges for the automotive industry – if we are not talking about prototypes and individual pilot applications but getting validated systems on the roads instead. This remains a major challenge that we are working hard on at Bosch.”

Christoph Hartung

Christoph Hartung

President Cross-Domain Computing Solutions, Robert Bosch GmbH

ADAS solutions

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Automated Valet Parking

With systems from Bosch to automated driving

The levels of automated driving

What appeared to be nearly inconceivable at the beginning of the century has now come tangibly close – the vision of self-driving vehicles. As an innovative development partner and reliable systems supplier, Bosch has played a decisive role in promoting automated driving. In this regard, Bosch already has the technologies to pave the way to automated driving. But see for yourself – on an exciting journey of discovery through the five levels of automated driving. Read more

Protection from hacker attacks

Protection from hacker attacks

In the event of a cyberattack on the automated vehicle, Bosch’s multilayered IT security concept protects the vehicle systems against unauthorized access and manipulation. The microcontrollers, control units, in-vehicle communication system, vehicle electrical system, and interfaces to the internet and cloud are all secured with dedicated security measures. Even if attackers do manage to defeat individual security mechanisms, they will not gain access to the entire system and its security-critical components. Furthermore, an attack detection software is updated continuously to keep the automated vehicle protected and to secure it against new threats too.

Redundant systems protect automated vehicles from failures

More safety through redundant systems

For highly and fully automated driving, drivers no longer need to monitor the system. Then the safety of the occupants must be ensured by the system. Although the risk of failure of the system and individual components can be reduced to a minimum – it cannot be entirely eliminated. To safeguard the system against malfunctions, safety-critical sub-systems such as steering, braking, onboard power supply and data processing have a redundant design are controlled independently. When one sub-system fails, the corresponding redundant system is always capable of assuming the respective task and , for example, bringing the vehicle to a safe standstill in a critical situation.

Learning from experience – artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The core intelligence of automated vehicles lies in the software running on the vehicle computer in the form of adaptive algorithms. The software analyzes and interprets incoming data from the surroundings sensors. It can, for instance, identify whether an object perceived by the sensors is a stop sign, vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist. It can furthermore determine whether the object is moving and, if so, in which direction and at what speed. Based on the interpretation models, it is also possible to derive the likely future behavior of these static or dynamic objects.

Why Bosch is a strong partner

Reliable partnership

Three people standing around a high table working together on a laptop.

Bosch is the go-to partner for hardware, software, and system solutions right from the very early stages of the development process. The company’s global logistics and large-volume production ensure fast, reliable supplies. And once the technology is used in the field, Bosch supports its customers and users with replacement parts available throughout the world and a range of dedicated services.

Quality and reliability

A person sitting in a modern vehicle interior equipped with touchscreens.

Bosch technology has proven itself millions of times over and plays a decisive role in bringing advanced, high-quality, and robust vehicles to the market. High quality expectations and new, innovative solutions go hand in hand.

Innovative strength and speed

A person wearing 3D glasses sits in a vehicle test structure.

Bosch actively drives development in all areas of strategic opportunity. With its extraordinary innovative strength, Bosch achieves an exceptionally fast time to market even for new, highly innovative solutions.

Systems and connectivity expertise

Scene depicting an intersection; vehicles, pedestrians with smart devices, and infrastructure are connected by lines that reach into the sky.

When it comes to applications of the future, Bosch is able to contribute its technical expertise not only through its broad knowledge of the various components and relevant domains, but also with its profound expertise in the internet of things (IoT). As a system provider, Bosch has a deep understanding of the requirements of individual components and knows how to combine them optimally to produce a full-range system solution.

Broad, comprehensive portfolio

Urban street scene with different CGI passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

From individual solutions to complete systems, Bosch offers a high degree of flexibility for various needs through a comprehensive portfolio covering vehicle technology, connectivity, data processing, and services. Moreover, the synergies arising from its portfolio and specialist knowledge facilitate rapid market penetration.

Global presence

Close-up of a hand pointing to a grid of illuminated dots in the shape of the globe floating in space.

Bosch maintains a presence close to its customers all over the world and is active in around 150 countries. This translates into short paths, close and flexible cooperation, local solutions, and the effective use of global supply chains. Thanks to its long-standing local presence in the individual countries, Bosch understands the specific requirements, preferences, and trends of the various markets.

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