It is often rather difficult to assess the condition of the battery in electric vehicles from the outside. This is especially true for the remaining lifetime and performance of electric vehicle batteries in the field. The associated uncertainty can lead to faster aging, unexpected failures, and time spent in the workshop, which in turn entail high costs and can even result in costly replacement of the entire battery.

With aging prediction, Bosch has therefore developed a cloud-based solution that ensures greater transparency with regard to battery health and produces an early, robust prediction about the remaining lifetime. Based on real usage data from connected vehicles, the innovative service calculates an accurate, long-term prediction about the battery’s condition and performance. The Bosch solution uses advanced methods that combine artificial intelligence with precise electrochemical battery models to achieve a particularly accurate prediction.

prediction time frame of up to

8 years

for the battery condition



of the battery condition within less than three months


vehicle availability

thanks to early warning about possible failures


risk minimization

through predictive evaluation