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Bosch and Cariad partnering to accelerate the introduction of automated driving functions

More safety and less stress for drivers, more rapid deployment of automated driving functions across all vehicle classes: Bosch and the Volkswagen Group subsidiary Cariad are now collaborating to achieve this objective, and have agreed to form an extensive partnership.

“For privately owned vehicles, progress to automated driving happens one step at a time. At Bosch, we’ve been working successfully on this for many years now. Together with Cariad, we will now be accelerating the market launch of partially and highly automated driving functions across all vehicle classes, and thus making them available for everyone. This will make driving on the roads safer and more relaxed.”

Dr. Markus Heyn

Dr. Markus Heyn

Bosch board of management member

Bosch and Cariad want to make partially and highly automated driving suitable for volume production, and thus available to the broad mass of consumers. So, the companies will jointly develop a state-of-the-art, standardized software platform. The alliance aims to make functions available that will allow drivers to temporarily take their hands off the steering wheel. More specifically, these functions are Level 2 hands-free systems for urban, extra-urban, and freeway driving, as well as a system that takes over all driving functions on the freeway (SAE Level 3).

The first of these functions are to be installed in 2023. The goal is to use this platform in all privately used vehicle classes sold under Volkswagen Group brands – and thus in one of the world’s biggest vehicle fleets. It will also be possible to integrate all the component parts developed by the alliance in other automakers’ vehicles and ecosystems.

Intelligently processing information from the real environment

Localization for automated driving

The focus of the project’s work will be data-driven software development on the basis of information from 360-degree surround sensing. The more extensive the pool of data from real road traffic, the more robust and natural the design of the partially and highly automated driving functions can be.

This applies, for example, to additional layers for high-resolution maps for the localization and lateral and longitudinal guidance of vehicles. The alliance will also be working on these layers. Moreover, it applies equally to everyday driving situations and to seldom occurring road-traffic incidents that are especially tricky for a system to resolve.

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Information processing in real time

Information processing

The best proving ground for the development of automated driving is road traffic. With the help of one of the world’s biggest connected vehicle fleets, the companies will gain access to a huge database. This will allow them to take automated driving systems to a new level. It also involves feeding the data gathered in real traffic conditions into the development process – continuously and in real time. Each kilometer driven in real traffic conditions, and the data gathered, evaluated, and processed as a result, means a bigger pool of data and a better basis from which to make even higher levels of automated driving reality and get them safely and reliably onto our roads.

Together, the companies can test automated driving functions on a broader scale in actual vehicles and implement them more quickly. Subsequently, the solutions Bosch and Cariad created can also be offered to other Bosch customers, thus setting new standards.

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Working in mixed, agile teams, it is expected that the various modules required by the project – from middleware to individual applications – will, at peak times, occupy more than 1.000 experts from the two companies. And both companies have already started to recruit motivated, smart talents to work in the alliance.

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