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Greater safety, growth, and profit – with connected mobility solutions for smart agriculture.

Collect data, harvest profit. Field research: automated, perfected. It pays to save: saving herbicides means profit. Smart sowing, successful harvesting. Growing safety in field operations.

Collect data, harvest profit.

Fields and data – a combination that does not make sense at a first glance. However, the internet of things is transforming simple objects into sources of information. Information that modern agricultural operations can use for greater yields, efficiency, safety, and convenience. Taking advantage of the potential of technology today provides the opportunity to profit from sustainable and profitable agriculture and optimally grown, healthy products tomorrow.

Field research: automated, perfected.

What would it be like if agricultural machines were connected to each other and to farmers, exchanged data, worked together seamlessly, and even reported on the conditions in the fields in real time? With connected mobility solutions from Bosch for smart agriculture, exactly this is possible: the work of agricultural machines can be orchestrated singlehandedly – for maximum efficiency, safety, and profit.

Saving herbicides means profit.

Herbicides are essential for successful crops. Only through their use can important crops be provided with enough space, nutrients, and light to grow effectively. However, herbicides unfavorably impact both the soil and the ecosystem. The solution is a smart system that recognizes the difference between weeds and crop plants – and sprays herbicides in a targeted manner. The effect? Less unfavorable impact, fewer expenses, higher yields.

Smart sowing, successful harvesting.

Farmers know best: the quality of the harvest is determined significantly by the type of sowing. The right planting is crucial for ensuring the best possible yield and depends on the type of plant, the soil conditions, the surroundings, and the weather. Bosch’s solutions for connected agriculture allow sowing to be done as efficiently and profitably as possible using smart solutions and information in real time.

Growing safety
in field operations.

Recognizing instead of seeing, predicting instead of reacting – these are the responsibilities of smart sensors for work in the fields. A combination of artificial intelligence and classic image processing algorithms provide not only effective support in all work processes, but also much greater safety in the interplay between humans and machines.

Our contribution to higher yields:
Connected mobility solutions for agriculture.

Farmers today are confronted with a growing variety of challenges. The societal shift towards increased environmental awareness demands greater environmental protection and more sustainable cultivation practices. At the same time, economic pressure is also rising: new crop rotations, extreme weather conditions, and increasing harvest requirements have pushed classic agriculture to its limits.

Solutions are needed that provide relief for both farmers and the environment and ensure greater efficiency, safety, and profitability in the fields. Our digital world provides these solutions: with connected mobility specially designed for agriculture, you can unlock completely new sales potentials. Invest today in the crop cultivation of tomorrow – and let us grow together.

Intelligent planting solution
Automated, data-based seed placement

The Bosch OHW Vision System

With its intelligent planting solution, Bosch presents a system that offers a decisive prerequisite for maximum productivity and highest yields through an optimized seeding process based on networking and sensor data.

With the help of intelligent software and proven components from automotive series production, the new solution offers the farmer highly efficient seeding application, as well as optimal, highly flexible control over all processes thanks to real-time processing of information.

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Precision made smart

Spray and save
Spray and save

Spray as much as needed, as little as possible. The best of precision tech, digital tools and agronomic intelligence is now available in one simple solution that leave the fields clean every time, with maximum herbicide savings. The solution makes smart weed control as easy as 1, 2, 3, with just three steps of preparing, spraying and saving, and analyzing.

Spray and save

Prepare: After input the relevant farm data, the system provides customized herbicides application strategy.

Spray and save: The integrated cameras detect the weeds in milliseconds. In combination with the agronomic intelligence, the nozzles will be activated to spray the herbicides only where needed.

Analyze: The data from the cameras will be transferred automatically to the module to generate maps to understand the fields better and increase operational efficiency.

Spray and save

OHW vision system:
Tractor collision avoidance

The Bosch OHW Vision System

Farmers know the challenges that large machines bring: They are slower on the road than cars, more confusing and at the same time harder to maneuver. The Bosch off-highway vision system supports drivers in many ways.

The off-highway vision system centrally consists of a 360° View Full-HD system with four cameras and a control unit. The system provides an optimum all-round view of the field machine, the implement and the surrounding area despite limited viewing areas. It also provides a high-resolution and detailed top view of the vehicle, which supports safe and fast maneuvering even in the narrowest terrain.

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OHW environment sensor technology:
Object detection & process optimization

The Bosch OHW Vision System

Intelligently deployed environmental sensor technology can support agricultural processes on field machinery and make them more efficient. Bosch already offers the first sensor technologies optimized for use on mobile machines.

The radar system for off-highway applications is designed for use on mobile machinery. The range of up to 78 m and the aperture angle of up to 42° not only provide an excellent field of view. The intelligent sensor also reduces disturbing ground reflections to a minimum and allows filtering of objects relevant to the application.

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