Safety for every segment

Safety for every segment: Bosch MSC motorcycle stability control now available on sub-400cc models

Braking or accelerating in bends can be critical to safety when riding a motorcycle: Bosch MSC motorcycle stability control helps bikers maintain control in various situations. MSC combines a motorcycle ABS with a 3D or 6D inertial measurement unit (IMU) a is a type of ESP for motorized two-wheelers.

“In the case of MSC, we developed the system so that it now also covers smaller models, which are common in emerging markets, and is reachable for a wider group of motorcyclists.”

Geoff Liersch

Geoff Liersch

Head of the Two-Wheeler & Powersports unit at Bosch

The system is now available not only in the mid and high segments, but it is also finding its way into every motorcycle segment. India’s TVS Motor Company, a leading manufacturer of two-wheelers and three-wheelers globally, is fitting its new TVS Apache RTR 310 with Bosch MSC, utilizing the Bosch IMU and the ABS 10 base unit, which has a smaller and lighter housing that is suited to motorcycles in emerging markets. That means MSC now covers a wider range of market segments – aiming to make motorcycling safer for everyone.

Bosch MSC wins new motorbike segments

“Bosch is one of the pioneers in motorcycle safety: we introduced motorcycle ABS over 25 years ago, ensuring greater safety on the roads.", says Geoff Liersch, head of the Two-Wheeler & Powersports unit at Bosch.

“TVS Motor Company has always transformed and redefined technology, with the TVS Apache series at the helm. Continuing our long-standing tradition of introducing segment-first technologies, we are proud to introduce Bosch MSC within the Race Tuned Dynamic Stability Control (RTDSC) in our new flagship motorcycle, the TVS Apache RTR 310, which marks a global first introduction of a 6D IMU-backed motorcycle stability control system on a sub-400cc motorcycle. We are set to deliver an unparalleled motorcycling experience by instilling in our customers a sense of confidence, comfort, and excitement,” says Vimal Sumbly, Head Business – Premium, TVS Motor Company.

Bosch has a range of modular MSC solutions that offer different combinations of ABS and IMU depending on the application needs. The recently upgraded KTM RC 390 uses a Bosch 3D inertial measurement unit (IMU), which integrates various functions into the vehicle via MSC, including braking and traction control in bends. In the case of the KTM, these are supported by a more perfomant ABS variant including an additional pressure sensor for more accurate brake pressure control.

As another example, an MSC solution can be offered with an ABS 10 base and 3D IMU specifically for realizing basic MSC functions in emerging markets such as cornering brake control, corner traction control, cornering drag torque control. This flexibility in the portfolio allows manufacturers to find the right combination for various use-cases and vehicle types.

Motorcycle stability control (MSC)

Motorcycle stability control (MSC)

Motorcycle stability control (MSC) system supports a rider during both braking and accelerating, while either riding straight or cornering.

Bosch has developed a motorcycle stability control (MSC) system that supports the rider during both braking and accelerating and while either riding straight or cornering. The system provides assistance by continuously monitoring the current dynamic state of the vehicle with sensors. This forms the foundation of MSC’s brake control technology to enhance vehicle safety and stability in a dynamic situation.

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