The Modular Common-Rail System (MCRS) for large engines supports compliance with emissions standards and also offers savings potential: It ensures excellent mixture preparation and combustion of fuel with specific high performance to help reduce emissions and fuel consumption. The right injection system can be provided for all power outputs within a range of 50 to 450 kW/cylinder:

In high-speed and medium-speed large engines, the modular common-rail system MCRS is applied. For compact large engines, the common rail system CRSN for commercial vehicles can be used. For special applications, mixed systems of CRSN and MCRS products can be provided.


Long service life with dependable operation up to 20,000 hours

Up to

2,200 bar

The MCRS ensures efficient combustion under high pressure


Makes a significant contribution to reducing fuel consumption


CO2 reduction

through the use of e- and biofuels