Automated Driving

Sense, Think, Act: What automated vehicles need to be capable of

In order for autonomous driving to work, a vehicle needs to be able
to do everything a driver can do - precisely and reliably.

Three steps toward automated driving

Firstly, an automated vehicle has to be able to perceive and interpret exactly its surroundings and its interior (“Sense”). Secondly, it needs to process information received and plan its driving strategy (“Think”). And thirdly, it needs to use its powertrain, steering and braking power to move its wheels

in such a way that the planned driving strategy is put into practice (“Act”).
With its solutions and expertise in each of these three areas (Sense, Think and Act), Bosch is ideally positioned for shaping mobility with automated technology.

Sense Think Act


Automated cars perceive and interpret

The surround sensors provide all the information used by the automated car for perception of its entire surroundings. In combination with high-resolution digital maps, they also ensure that it always knows its exact position. The sensors also keep a permanent eye on the interior of the vehicle and warn the driver in critical situations. Using connected services, the vehicle even knows about road conditions ahead and can adapt its driving behavior accordingly, e.g. in the event of icy conditions. Already today, Bosch has the requisite technologies for perception of the vehicle’s surroundings as well as its interior and has started volume production of many of them in its driver assistance systems.

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Automated cars learn and plan ahead

Automated cars decide in real time which driving strategy is the best in order to resolve the current traffic situation and reach their destinations. This task is assumed by the vehicle computer using the interpreted surround sensor data processed by the software. By using artificial intelligence in the software development the vehicle learns to better understand its environment. The software distinguishes between various objects such as pedestrians, cyclists, buildings or other vehicles and familiarizes itself with their respective characteristic behavior. This enables the vehicle to make reliable forecasts and to drive safely and proactively.

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Automated vehicles drive safely to their destinations

The central vehicle computer calculates the values used by the vehicle’s powertrain, braking or steering system to implement individual driving maneuvers such as changing lanes, turning off or driving around bends. What direction needs to be steered in? How much acceleration or braking is necessary? Particularly high demands apply during automated driving for safety-critical systems and components which are designed redundantly for this purpose: If one of the systems is no longer able to fulfill its function, this is assumed by a back-up system. Bosch already avails of redundant system solutions for steering and braking.

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Perfect collaboration – in the car and in development

The complex demands associated with automated driving cannot be managed by a single company. That is why Bosch has concluded strategic partnerships with other companies and initiated numerous pilot and research projects. Such joint commitment covers many areas of automated driving and ranges from the development of innovative camera sensors and connected onboard systems through the generation of detailed , high-resolution digital maps to

fully automated driving system for the city. While some projects are based on technology already available today, such as sensors, others are clearly aligned toward the development of future technologies.Find out more about the partnerships concluded, the resulting synergies, and how they help to get automated vehicles onto the road safely.

Sense, Think, Act – solutions that are already in use

So that the vehicle knows precisely where it is

Localization for automated driving

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