IAA Mobility 2023

Bosch at IAA Mobility 2023

A new era of mobility has begun. Visit us at our booth and let us shape this new era together.

A new era of mobility

Users of mobility services expect their vehicles to offer more and more features that go beyond what is offered by traditional vehicles. They are looking for a variety of easily accessible, exciting mobility services – just like they are used to from other digital services. The resulting increase in requirements, functions, and amounts of data requires the entire automotive industry to rethink what it means to be an automotive provider. A new era of software-defined, service-oriented mobility has begun, in which vehicles become part of a comprehensive mobility ecosystem.

Bosch is working with its partners to shape this exciting new era of software-defined mobility. You can discover exactly how we are doing this at IAA Mobility, where Bosch is presenting innovative concepts and solutions based on a comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software, and service innovations. Join us, and experience the future of mobility!

Let’s shape a new era of mobility. Together.

With a clear vision we are taking the next step together into a new era of mobility. Let's move like a Bosch.

Solutions: integrated customer solutions and ecosystems

Expert talk IAA: your customer solutions – Robust. Modular. Tailer-made.

Bosch is your partner of choice for customized mobility solutions that cover the entire spectrum of systems, software, and services and dovetail seamlessly with the target ecosystem, such as parking and charging applications. The result is expanded functionality and solutions that will excite your customers – far beyond just the vehicle. Discover the potential of software-defined mobility.

Services: application software and data-driven services

Expert talk IAA: paving the way to a touchless rental experience.

Bosch is your partner for vehicle software and services – for a safe, convenient, and exciting mobility experience. At IAA Mobility, you will discover how we are shaping the future of automated driving, connected and personalized mobility with software and service solutions such as automated valet parking, RideCare, perfectly keyless and connected map services.

ADAS: smart driver assistance systems

Expert talk IAA: from hardware to software and services – your modular full-range solutions for ADAS.

The appeal of today’s and future vehicles is defined by their software-based functionality, features, and update concepts. Learn how you can bring the customer experience of driving and parking to a whole new level with driver assistance systems from Bosch. With our many years of experience and our modular offering of innovative products, Bosch is the ideal partner to equip vehicles with state-of-the-art hardware and software for advanced driver assistance systems – from individual components and functions to software and services, right on up to complete customized solutions.

Motion: steering, braking, and powertrain systems

Expert talk: vehicle Motion Management and vehicle dynamics control 2.0.

An exciting new driving experience awaits you. Vehicle motion management, our dedicated software system solution, controls the motion of the vehicle along all three spatial axes and taps into the system potential of the actuators in the brake, steering, powertrain, and chassis systems. One part of this function is vehicle dynamics control 2.0. This comprises a smart control concept that allows the system to proactively “think ahead.” Based on the information from vehicle dynamics sensors, it anticipates the expected behavior of the vehicle and takes predictive action, providing a bonus to safety, agility, and convenience.

Energy: energy provision and energy management systems

Expert talk: leveling up the energy – Connected. Comprehensive. Convenient.

Together, we are paving the way to a carbon-neutral society. At our booth, you will learn how our thermal management solutions and our charging and battery services increase the availability, performance, and efficiency of electric vehicles. Discover our connected and convenient solutions that allow you to offer your customers a seamless user experience for charging and electric driving while also maintaining battery performance.

SDV enablement: scalable, efficient software development

Expert talk IAA: enabling tomorrow’s automotive software.

One of the most pressing questions for the industry in the transformation to software-defined mobility is how to increase software performance while also managing the complexity of the software ecosystem and ensuring the quality of software production.

As a proven software expert and partner, our subsidiary ETAS helps vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to continuously, collaboratively, and more efficiently develop, operate, and secure vehicle software that sets them apart from their competition. The scalable approach to efficient software development is based on automated, quality-oriented processes and supports OEMs in producing their own software.

Compute: E/E architectures

Expert talk IAA: centralized E/E architectures: enabling the transition to the software-defined vehicle.

Vehicles are changing at a rapid pace, and the market for vehicle electronics is changing just as quickly. Bosch is your reliable partner offering first-class consulting and hardware to support the development of future-proof E/E architectures. These allow large amounts of data to be optimally managed, even beyond the vehicle itself, the product, and the technology portfolio. Visit our booth and learn more about how Bosch is shaping the future of vehicle electronics!

Semiconductors and sensors

Expert talk IAA: semiconductors and sensors.

Learn how you can reshape your vehicle electronics with Bosch semiconductors. Bosch develops, produces, and markets semiconductors and sensors and is constantly expanding its engineering and production capacities. Bosch offers everything from silicon carbide chips for highly efficient EV powertrain solutions to components and sensors for the most innovative assistance, safety, and drive systems.

Discover cutting-edge hardware

Bosch hardware solutions in the concept vehicle

How will hardware look in the future? We will also answer this question at our booth at IAA Mobility. In our concept vehicle, you can discover the hardware innovations that will make the software-defined vehicle a reality.

Bosch at the IAA Conference

Dr. Stefan Hartung

Livestream: Life in motion - Why sustainable mobility is about more than just technology

Dr. Stefan Hartung – Chairman of the Board of Management
September 6, 2023 at 10:00–10:15 a.m.
Stage: Main Stage (Hall A1)

Dr. Mathias Pilin

Livestream: Paving the way to centralized architectures & software-defined vehicles

Dr. Mathias Pillin – Head of Mobility Technology, Bosch Mobility
September 7, 2023 at 11:15–11:30 a.m.
Stage: Main Stage (Hall A1)

Mariella Minutolo

Livestream: Software-defined mobility: enabling a completely new vehicle motion experience?

Mariella Minutolo – EVP Sales, ETAS
September 7, 2023 at 3:00–3:45 p.m.
Stage: Yellow Stage (Hall B2)

Program of events: from the city to the stage

Messeprogramm: von der Stadt auf die Bühne
Bosch booth, IAA Summit
IAA Conference, A1
IAA Conference, A2
Bosch eBike systems, IAA Open Space

Let Bosch guide you throughout the city! In addition to the IAA Summit at the Messe München exhibition grounds in Munich, Bosch is also represented in the city center, where we will be showing off the latest e-bike developments at IAA Open Space and the IAA Experience. Bosch’s main booth at the IAA Summit, in Hall B3, booth D10, presents a completely new concept surrounding a large stage and offers a continuous, lively program of events, with expert talks on all key topics of the new software-defined era of mobility. First-rate keynotes by Bosch await you at the IAA Conference on a total of three stages and two dialog spaces.

Hall and exhibition ground overviews

Bosch booth at IAA Summit

Conference itinerary

IAA Mobility 2023

IAA Mobility 2023

The latest edition of the world’s leading mobility platform will be launched for the second time in Munich on September 5, 2023. IAA Mobility brings the world’s leading mobility, sustainability, and technology companies together and introduces them to new audiences. This creates a unique platform for collaboration and inspiration. This year’s theme, “Experience Connected Mobility,” invites you to experience the fascinating world of smart, connected vehicles and infrastructures firsthand.

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