The condition of the traction battery in electric vehicles is an important factor for the residual value and resale value of the vehicle as a whole and of the battery itself. Uncertainty about what the battery is still worth can therefore severely inhibit the business activities of many players in the electromobility ecosystem – from vehicle owners, vehicle sellers, and fleet operators to insurance, financing, and leasing companies and recycling businesses.

With the Bosch certification service, it is possible to reliably estimate the actual health and residual value of the battery. Real data from the connected vehicle is used as a basis for the transparent, tamper-proof certification of all key information about the battery’s condition. Users like drivers, automobile manufacturers, and fleet operators can easily access all the relevant information at any time from their respective terminal device, saving them the cost and significant effort of battery condition inspection.

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business models

for the used vehicle trade, for the financial services sector, and for the vehicle battery reconditioning business



for battery health and remaining lifetime with tamper-proof certification