As the world’s leading supplier of motorcycle safety technology, Bosch has already made riding on two wheels considerably safer with assistance systems such as ABS and MSC motorcycle stability control. Now the company is going one step further. According to Bosch accident research estimates, radar-based assistance systems (ARAS) could prevent one in seven motorcycle accidents. These electronic assistants are always vigilant and, in emergencies, they respond more quickly than people can. The technology underpinning these systems is a combination of radar sensor, brake system, engine management, and HMI (Human Machine Interface). Giving motorcycles radar as a sensory organ enables these new motorcycle assistance and safety functions while providing an accurate picture of the vehicle’s surroundings. As a result, these assistance functions not only increase safety, they also enhance enjoyment and convenience by making life easier for riders.

In critical situations

collision reduction

by supporting the rider

Using radar-based assistance systems

one in seven

motorcycle accidents could be prevented

*Source: Bosch Accident Research (2018)