CES world premiere

CES world premiere: Bosch unites infotainment and driver assistance functions on one chip

The trend toward software-defined mobility goes hand in hand with a centralized vehicle and electric/electronic (E/E) architecture. While numerous electronic control units usually control different functions in the car today, in the future just a few central vehicle computers will unite multiple system functions from previously separate domains.

“Central vehicle computers are the heart of software-defined cars. In the future, they will control all the domains in modern vehicles and reduce the currently high number of individual control units.”

Dr. Markus Heyn

Dr. Markus Heyn

Member of the board of management at Robert Bosch GmbH and chairman of Bosch Mobility

To do this, new computers with a powerful processor, known as a system on chip (SoC), are necessary. As an innovation and technology leader, Bosch is leading the charge and, at CES® 2024 in Las Vegas, will be the world’s first automotive supplier to demonstrate the fusion of infotainment and driver assistance functions in a software-intensive central computer on a single SoC.

At the core of the new vehicle computer from Bosch – called the cockpit & ADAS integration platform – is a single SoC, which processes a variety of functions from the two domains of infotainment and driver assistance simultaneously. This includes, for example, automated parking and lane detection, paired with smart, personalized navigation and voice assistance. Advantages for vehicle manufacturers: less space and cabling required, meaning lower costs.

Overall, Bosch is already doing good business with vehicle computers: in 2026, the company expects sales revenue of three billion euros just for vehicle computers for infotainment and driver assistance.

Bosch’s approach allows maximum flexibility

Bosch pursues what is known as a multi-SoC approach. The company’s new vehicle computers are designed so that the required SoCs can come from different chip manufacturers. Therefore, depending on the customer’s wishes, Bosch can use exactly the SoC that is requested. “Our software runs on chips from different manufacturers. This allows software and hardware to be decoupled from each other,” says Heyn.

Bosch is one of the few companies that can develop a centralized electronic architecture from start to finish and has mastered the interplay of automotive electronics, software, and the cloud. New features, such as for driver assistance, are simply and easily sent to the car through over-the-air updates. This provides drivers with a personalized digital driving experience – even long after purchasing the car.

Cockpit and ADAS integration platform

Cockpit and ADAS integration platform

The cockpit & ADAS integration platform is a scalable, modular platform. It combines the system functions for assisted and automated driving and infotainment in one high-performance computer. Thanks to this capability, this Bosch vehicle computer can simultaneously detect lanes, park automatically, and process smart, personalized navigation and voice assistance functions.

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