The fuel cell electric drive system is an economical and attractive technology for mobility with zero local emissions.

A fuel cell electric vehicle is an electrically driven vehicle in which electricity is generated by a fuel cell using hydrogen as an energy source. The electric drive converts the energy into motion. Alternatively, this energy can be temporarily stored by the traction battery.

This kind of drive system is not only used for inner-city driving; in fact, it is most impressive when covering longer distances up to a range of several hundred kilometers. Fuel cell electric vehicles also score points with their short refilling times of just a few minutes. Fuel cell electric drives comprise various components that Bosch makes production-ready through appropriate research and development.


Considerably higher efficiency than hydrogen combustion


Increased range and short refilling time of just a few minutes, enabling journey distances of up to several hundred kilometers

driving fun

thanks to immediate acceleration with electric drive

zero local emissions

even for long-haul applications