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Unlimited opportunities with top technology from Bosch

Unlimited opportunities with top technology from Bosch

What makes a thrilling driving experience? For Bosch, it involves setting off in new directions and challenging the status quo, whereby no compromises are being made in terms of driving safety and stability.

A sports car must be one hundred percent controllable, even at the stability limits, without taking away from the driving fun. With this guiding principle, Bosch raises the development of sports cars to a new level and uses innovative applications and components to set standards which comply with even the most demanding requirements.

This pays off: Bosch puts winners at the starting line, whether in the area of motorsports or in day-to-day road traffic. Thanks to its many years of expertise and experience, Bosch is always one car length ahead of the competition. After all, only a technology company which is in full control of a vehicle in all its domains and across all systems can guarantee maximum driving fun and absolute top performance.

Meanwhile, numerous components and solutions from Bosch can be found in both thoroughbred sports cars and high-performance production vehicles. Designed for maximum support at the physical limits, they meet the very highest demands: namely, our own ones!

Our passion and enthusiasm are determined by the extraordinary driving experience – for even more individualized driving fun and unlimited opportunities.

Dr. Lars König, Chief Expert Control Theory and Vehicle Motion

Dr. Lars König, Chief Expert Control Theory and Vehicle Motion at Bosch Engineering GmbH

Lars König has been working in the area of vehicle dynamics at Bosch Engineering GmbH since 2007. He spends 50 to 100 working days a year on the test circuit where he and his team test the latest systems to push new innovations.

“What particularly inspires me about this area is the fact that we not only develop systems for sports cars primarily for driving pleasure but can also use them to further improve driving safety with each new generation of vehicles. These systems are also successively integrated in other vehicle segments which improves traffic safety in general.”

“For us, performance not only means this one absolutely top time, we want controllability. A sports car must always feel safe and reliable.”

Dr. Lars König

Chief Expert Control Theory and Vehicle Motion

Infinite driving pleasure: maximum control and individualization

Infinite driving pleasure: maximum control and individualization

Integrated vehicle dynamics control (IVC) from Bosch

Individualization has meanwhile become integral in the area of sports cars. Understandably so, according to Lars König: “There is no single perfect system for all cars, all tracks, and all drivers. Perfect systems need to be highly individual and capable of swiftly adapting to these three variable factors.” With its new integrated traction control (ITC) and integrated vehicle dynamics control (IVC), Bosch has found two solutions to this challenge. Individually or in combination, ITC and IVC can help to adapt the dynamic driving characteristics of a sports car to the respective conditions – always in line with the customer's individual brand philosophy.

But it does not stop there, as Lars König explains: “It should also be possible to experience the various settings while driving.” Each setting offers a different, entirely unique driving experience without losing sight of the ability to control the vehicle. A new personal lap record, more driving stability, or more control when drifting – the vehicle dynamics systems from Bosch enable the driver to determine how his sports car reacts.

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Unlimited safety: the sports car that adapts to the driver

Even keeps untamed power under control in extreme situations: ABS and ESP control from Bosch.

Above all else, ABS and ESP systems from Bosch ensure safety at the physical limits. Lars König and his team work on tailoring them to production sports cars and the corresponding driver requirements: “As a basis, we either take the standard production ESP or we develop new custom functions. When adapting the ESP, we keep fine-tuning the software until the driving characteristics suit the particular requirements of the racetrack and the technology truly becomes one with the sports car.” To this aim, the systems are adapted in such a way that they take a back seat for the driver. This way, system intervention even in critical situations remains unobtrusive: “An ESP system in a sports car is designed optimally once the driver no longer notices when it is active and when not.” Regulable in five stages, from comfortable to dynamic: one example of an application that has been implemented successfully by Bosch is the ABS and ESP control system for Pagani.

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“No surprises: a sports car must always behave in a controllable and comprehensible manner.”

Dr. Lars König

Chief Expert Control Theory and Vehicle Motion

What kind of a vehicle do you get when you transcend limits, uniting the best of various worlds, and no longer distinguishing between the road and the racetrack?

The answer: the Dallara Stradale.

The Dallara Stradale represents an ultimate supersports car on the road, fitted with the latest top-notch technology from Bosch. Maximum performance on the road, extreme sportiness at the wheel, pushing the limits with full control – and without any compromises. The result is worth seeing, hearing and driving. Visually, this two-seater without doors is immediately reminiscent of a Formula 1 race car.

The sound of the powertrain orchestra: music, goosebumps, longing. 400 horsepower yet only 855 kg – an ultra-lightweight in attack mode! Reconciling these figures demands a particular vehicle architecture with perfectly-coordinated hardware and software. Engine control, ABS, ESP and sensors – everything tailored and optimally designed for the Dallara Stradale. And what does the driver notice about all of these technical assistance systems? Nothing!

A highly-dynamic supersports car which unites safety, stability and absolute performance in a unique manner. Whether on the road or the racetrack – this car is rearing and ready to go!

Networking without limits at the very highest levels Gasoline direct injection from Bosch
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Networking without limits at the very highest levels

With sophisticated E/E systems for peak performance: considering the high number of complex components within a vehicle, it all comes down to optimal connectivity in the end. This includes a perfect system design, optimal integration of the on-board components, smart energy management, as well as testing and validation of the entire system.

This ensures that all components of comfort and safety relevance are efficiently and reliably supplied with electrical energy. Optimal design of the E/E architecture is of paramount relevance and, thanks to shorter lines and optimal system integration, has the potential for a significant reduction in the weight of the vehicle for considerably improved acceleration and characteristics relating to driving dynamics.

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But that’s not all: gasoline direct injection from Bosch

More output, more efficiency, more driving dynamics: since 1951, Bosch has been regarded as a pioneer in the area of gasoline direct injection which also includes exhaust gas treatment, ignition, and air and engine management. A single technology which offers dual advantages. It permits the dynamic injection of fuel into the combustion chamber. In combination with engine downsizing, gasoline direct injection offers improved response behavior and more dynamic handling, thanks to the torque which is up to 50% higher in the lower speed range. The Bosch injection system supports an injection pressure of 350 bar for best possible engine performance. This facilitates low CO2 emissions at maximum output.

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