Connected services for automobiles

Connected services for automobiles

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Additional information about connected services from Bosch.

Bosch is enhancing safety, comfort, and convenience in the automobile with a comprehensive range of connected services. Drivers are supported with up-to-date information from the cloud that is relevant to their current driving situation, helping them avoid critical situations and preventing accidents. With connectivity solutions from Bosch, the vehicle itself becomes a central component of the internet of things, enabling new kinds of convenient services thanks to the vehicle’s ability to communicate with the outside world.

These include, for instance, easily finding parking spaces in the city thanks to information supplied by live data, predictive diagnosis of vehicle components and systems, and keyless vehicle entry. Bosch supports the development of innovative, new mobility services with its seamless approach to connectivity, which facilitates data communication and management and enables cloud-based services throughout the vehicle life cycle.

Cloud-based wrong-way driver warning – targeted alerts within seconds

Thanks to connectivity, road users are alerted to wrong-way driving much more quickly.

With around 2,000 reported incidents per year in Germany alone, wrong-way driving is a road traffic accident risk that should not be underestimated. The cloud-based wrong-way driver warning feature developed by Bosch is a connected solution that alerts wrong-way drivers and other road users to the hazard within ten seconds, making it significantly faster than the usual radio announcements.

The system reliably identifies wrong-way driving using anonymized movement data in combination with an web-based database. If a wrong-way driver is detected, only the specific road users who are actually within the danger zone will be alerted immediately. But not only that – they will also always be provided with a suitable recommended course of action in order to alleviate the danger.

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Road condition services – driving with foresight in any weather

Road condition services

The smart service informs the driver in advance about wet conditions, ice, and snow.

Information about current road conditions, like aquaplaning, ice, and snow, is critical for ensuring drivers can identify potential hazards in time, allowing them, for instance, to adapt their driving style or change their route. Bosch is making this information available in connected vehicles through its road condition services.

In an initial rollout stage, Bosch is using weather data to draw conclusions about possible hazards. In the future, Bosch will supplement this information with data supplied by the vehicle, such as measured temperature data. Combining all of the data results in a smart Bosch service that enhances safety by providing an up-to-date and reliable report on the road conditions up ahead.

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eCall – automatic emergency call system also available as a retrofit solution


The eCall automatic emergency call system is a milestone on the path to greater road safety. The vehicle’s connectivity hardware reports a detected accident and its location automatically to the emergency call center, which then immediately informs the emergency services. This enables first responders to arrive at the scene much more quickly, even in situations in which accident victims are unable to call for help themselves. Connectivity can therefore result in a decisive time saving that can save lives.

The deployment of eCall has been mandatory in all new vehicles in Europe since 2018. It is not, however, necessary to buy a new car to benefit from eCall – the system can very easily be retrofitted to existing vehicles too. The Vivatar drive is simply plugged into the cigarette lighter, and all vehicle occupants benefit from the enhanced level of safety right away.

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Connected horizon – real-time information for safe and economical driving

Connected horizon

The connected horizon reduces the accident risk by identifying hazards in good time.

The connected driving assistant from Bosch assists the driver by providing important up-to-date information about the route ahead, ensuring safe, confident, and economical driving. The connected horizon combines static and dynamic map data with the latest traffic information, keeping the driver informed about such aspects as speed limits, bends in the road, hazards, and the tail end of traffic jams. Equipped with this information advantage, drivers can adapt their driving style accordingly to minimize the accident risk; and they can reduce their fuel consumption and so be kinder to the environment. In combination with other driver assistance systems, it also allows the vehicle’s speed as well as the distance to the vehicle in front to be adapted automatically, thus further increasing safety, comfort, and convenience.

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Updates over the air – reliably up to date

Vehicle updates as easy as smartphone updates

With updates delivered over the air, Bosch ensures vehicle software and firmware is always kept up to date (SOTA/FOTA). The innovative technology makes it possible to deliver optimizations as well as roll out new and improved functionality without having to visit a workshop – so, basically in the same way as users are already used to from their smartphone. State-of-the-art security technologies, like encryption and firewalls, ensure the mobile data transmission between the cloud and vehicle is kept secure.

Bosch’s particular competency in connectivity is clearly reflected in the way it supports the user throughout the update process – from the user’s selection of the desired function on the smartphone or infotainment system to the transmission of the necessary data and successful installation of the software in the vehicle.

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Perfectly keyless – enhanced comfort, convenience, and flexibility with a digital vehicle key

Perfectly keyless

The smartphone takes the place of the car key, enhancing comfort, convenience, and flexibility.

The keyless entry system will in future allow vehicle owners and fleet operators to manage their vehicle keys digitally. When the driver approaches the vehicle with their smartphone, the Perfectly keyless function automatically unlocks the door and applies the driver’s stored personal settings, such as the seat position. Once inside the vehicle, when the driver presses the start button, the vehicle looks for the digital key and starts the engine as soon as it has found it. And when the driver moves away from the vehicle, the system ensures the door is securely locked again. Moreover, owners and fleet managers will enjoy the flexibility of being able to make their vehicles available to any specific user at any time via a smartphone app.

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PANTARIS - Connectivity solution for developing and updating vehicle software and services


PANTARIS enables vehicle connectivity and cloud-based services from development to volume production.

With PANTARIS, the Bosch subsidiary ETAS GmbH combines standardized data transmission and processing with a scalable development environment and seamless vehicle connectivity on a unique cloud-based platform. With it, ETAS enables a continuous feedback loop between vehicles and the cloud backend. PANTARIS offers vehicle manufacturers and service providers a secure and reliable working environment that significantly simplifies the development and optimization of vehicle software and services.

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