Battery-electric drive

Battery-electric drive: the electric vehicle is gaining momentum

Driving fun, efficiency, environmental awareness: battery-electric vehicles are growing more and more popular all over the world. They offer driving fun, high efficiency, and zero local emissions. That makes this powertrain a key technology for many vehicles, particularly in urban areas.

An interview with Dirk Brinkmann

Dirk Brinkmann

Battery-electric vehicles offer clear advantages: not only does their powertrain produce zero local emissions, it also makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2 – especially when run on renewable electricity. But that is just the beginning.

Dirk Brinkmann explains which options are on offer in Bosch’s portfolio of solutions for battery-electric vehicles, which innovations will make the drive system even more efficient, and why the technology will still be playing a key role in 2030.

Facts and figures on battery-electric driving

Electric motors with an efficiency of up to


enable efficient and dynamic driving

Electric drive with

zero local emissions

Low operating costs

thanks to reduced maintenance effort

Development trends: sinking vehicle costs

Sinking vehicle costs

Developement of battery costs

An emerging trend that now boasts massive market growth: a modest selection of electric vehicles has turned into a portfolio of models with ranges of over 500 km. At the moment, around 30 new models are anticipated every year. Bosch estimates that a third of all newly registered passenger cars and light commercial vehicles will be powered purely by electricity in 2030. Price is a decisive factor. Taking various regional buying incentives on board, a compact-class electric vehicle can already be bought for less than comparable models running on gasoline or diesel.

Development trends: CO2

Driving fun and low running costs are clearly important arguments in favor of battery-electric drive systems, yet CO2 legislation is another major force that drives the technology forward. A purely electric vehicle emits zero CO2 locally. However, full carbon neutrality is only achieved when generating the electricity does not incur excessive emissions.

As electric vehicles continue their unstoppable rise, the energy revolution has also gathered pace. This interplay is already helping to improve air quality.

Development trends: expansion of charging infrastructure

Development trends: charging stations in the EU

Charging stations in the European Union

A short supply of charging stations is one of the greatest challenges for battery-electric vehicles to overcome if they are to break into the mass market. Yet charging infrastructure continues to be expanded. Since 2015, the number of public charging points in Europe has more than quadrupled.

In this context, an all-covering network of AC and DC charging points for urban regions is just as necessary as the further expansion of the infrastructure on freeways and federal highways.

Bosch’s portfolio of solutions for battery-electric driving

battery-electric driving

Bosch offers added value throughout the powertrain: from Silicon carbide semiconductors for maximum efficiency to components such as power electronics, e-machines, and drive units in the form of eAxles. Bosch has joined forces with automotive-technology expert Benteler to develop the rolling chassis, a drivable modular platform, to demonstrate exactly what system integration is capable of.

Customers can choose between an all-in-one solution and custom, preintegrated modules. This scalable approach enables automobile manufacturers to speedily implement new electric-vehicle concepts and helps them to further increase their efficiency in development.

Everything from a single source, from individual components right through to the all-in-one drive unit

All-in-one drive unit

Bosch offers all the crucial elements that electrified powertrains need. Whether all-in-one drive units like eAxles, electric motors, or power electronics for needs-based control of the electric drive – Bosch’s comprehensive portfolio offers innovative e-mobility solutions from a single supplier. And there is more: Bosch systems are more than the sum of their parts, delivering impressive performance when it comes to efficiency and power density in electric driving.

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Smart thermal management: more efficiency and comfort for electric vehicles

Smart thermal management

Thermal management entails regulating heat flows inside the vehicle. The system conveys hot or cold air to where it is needed. For example, the inside of the vehicle should be a pleasant temperature, while certain situations might call for the battery to be cooled or heated. The design of the thermal-management system is growing in importance. After all, there is no internal-combustion engine in this case to provide waste heat. This makes thermal management one of the key electromobility systems in ensuring longer ranges, faster charging, and a comfortable vehicle climate.

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Further solutions

High-voltage generation 3evo DC/DC converter

High-voltage generation 3evo DC/DC converter

The DC/DC converter supplies voltage to the 12-volt vehicle electrical system by converting power from a high-voltage battery, including galvanic isolation.

Electric drive module

Electric drive module

This module combines the next-generation separate motor-generator and power electronics in one system, which helps to achieve synergy effects.

Generation 3evo power electronics

Generation 3evo power electronics

The power electronics are the heart of the drive system, responsible for controlling the e-motor, and act as a connection to the HV battery.

Separate motor-generator

Separate motor-generator

The separate motor-generator can be used as a stand-alone electric motor for the electric drive system, or as part of the eAxle.

Vehicle control unit (VCU)

Vehicle control unit (VCU)

The VCU assumes functions like torque coordination, driving and gear-shifting strategies, HV and 48-volt coordination, and charging control.

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