Managing a trailer fleet without any transparency about trailer locations and utilization rates can be extremely challenging. This can lead to the creation of unnecessary trailer buffers. Rigid maintenance intervals that do not reflect the fleet's actual usage result in avoidable maintenance costs. Incorrect tire pressure causes increased fuel consumption and tire wear. Furthermore, an unknown status in the cargo space makes it difficult to document the goods condition during transport. Drivers who lack the necessary qualifications and training can cause trailer damage. This in turn leads to additional repair costs and trailer downtimes. Finally, there is the issue of unauthorized access to the trailer. Particularly in cross-border traffic, this can result in considerable fines as well as damage to goods and trailers.

To overcome these challenges, SmartTrailer provides knowledge and actionable insights to optimize the use and maintenance of trailers through connected services.


fleet performance

and higher efficiency via analytics



of the trailer inventory and goods



of the trailers' health



of the humidity and temperature inside the cargo space