Electromobility is opening up new business fields

Bosch amps up your business!

E-mobility makes it possible for mobility providers to create new areas of business or expand existing ones.
Bosch’s pre-integrated system solutions, innovative software solutions, and services facilitate smooth and rapid entry to the electromobility domain.
To do so, Bosch uses its extensive expertise gained from the broad scope of its business activities since it is one of the most highly diversified companies in the industry and a driving force in the transformation of mobility.

Pre-integrated system solutions

Advanced driving module Axle module Rolling Chassis

Functional integration: Advanced driving module

Bosch is integrating individual systems for the drive, steering, and brakes in a harmonized module, known as the Advanced driving module. Its interfaces have been simplified and communication between the components is optimized. This ensures optimal interplay between the electric vehicle’s systems and subassemblies – e.g., in terms of vehicle stabilization or energy recuperation.

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Mechanical integration: Axle module

In close cooperation with external partners, Bosch ensures the mechanical integration of components like the eAxle, steering, and braking system. The result is an Axle module that can be specifically optimized to suit the installation space in the vehicle and the driving characteristics.

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Rolling Chassis

The Rolling Chassis represents the highest possible level of expansion of the Bosch solution and shows what can be achieved with a maximum in integration. It includes all the necessary electrical components from Bosch as well as a sophisticated thermal management system.

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Charging services

The Bosch charging services turn the task of recharging the electric vehicle’s battery into a highly convenient, user-friendly experience. Alongside route planning and accurate range prediction, the portfolio of connected solutions includes universal access to more than 260,000 charging points in Europe and even support for cost-optimized charging at home.

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Battery in the cloud

With its connected solution for cloud-based battery management, Bosch significantly increases the performance and lifetime of vehicle batteries. Smart software functions in the cloud continuously analyze the battery status and take appropriate action to prevent or slow down cell aging.

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eScooter solutions

Two persons riding eScooters through the city.

Electric two-wheeler make everyday trips through the city and daily commutes to work both efficient and fun. They also enable an efficient and fast transportation of goods through dense urban traffic with less noise pollution and less local emissions.

With its drive systems for eScooters, Bosch creates the technical basis for a safe and efficient riding experience. The optimally coordinated interaction of the drive and drive control unit ensures precise motor management, reliable vehicle performance, and impressive torque development.

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Bosch eBike Systems

Bosch eBike Systems

Bosch eBike Systems is working on the future of mobility – one that is healthy, economical, and ecologically sustainable. To realize this vision, Bosch eBike Systems works closely with experienced partners and leverages synergies in the Bosch Group. As an electrified, automated, connected solution, the e-bike is one of the smartest, most convenient modes of transport of our time. With innovative products and compelling services for power-assisted bicycles, we are making the world of e-bikes even more fascinating and exciting.

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Everything from a single source, from individual components right through to the all-in-one drive unit

Bosch eAxle drive unit

In addition to its pre-integrated solutions, Bosch also offers components, systems and solutions for electrified drives: Whether all-in-one drive units like eAxles, electric motors, or power electronics for needs-based control of the electric drive – Bosch’s comprehensive portfolio offers innovative e-mobility solutions from a single supplier. And there is more: Bosch systems are more than the sum of their parts, delivering impressive performance when it comes to efficiency and power density in electric driving.

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